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There’s some things you’ve been told that aren’t necessarily true.
There are also some things you’ve been told you’re not allowed to think about that just might be the key to see which things were said of the unseen and the unknown.

Some of things you’ve been told not to think about are:

Authority: follow it with faith and without question, whether the authority be in history, science, religion, or government

Tradition: if it were not good, it would not have lasted

Production and consumption: you must enter this cycle or perish

What’s not being said here is that these things are necessarily untrue; what is suggested is to bring these ideas to the light of our own conscious thought rather than leave them to the designs of another so that we might exercise control in our own lives rather than continuing to be influenced by the will of others.

Not all authority flows from truth or understanding; neither does all tradition fall under the cover of rational behavior, nor does the cycle of pure production and consumption lead to the feeling of happiness in life. In fact our true goal here lies outside of happiness itself and is found in the idea of a state of mind called Flow: the most addictive state of mind known to man. Achieving this state of mind isn’t difficult. Most people do it many times throughout life, others daily, and many without even ever realizing what’s happening that leads to a lifelong hobby or pursuit of passion.

Instead of authority from another, I suggest authority from a deep understanding of self first and then others by means of your own introspection. Instead of traditions purely handed down and followed fundamentally, I suggest a construction of one’s own traditions built from what works for you. Instead of production and consumption as the only purpose in your life, I suggest creating a lifelong mission of contribution that’s fulfilled only through intangibles given to, and received from, others that impact your life.

The long story short is that I want to teach you to build an income online independent of bosses and schedules, and I know what a challenge that can be when you're starting from zero.
I want to help you by offering the best of everything that has helped me. Simply put: use FORMULA 42 (THE FUNDAMENTAL FLOW) to free yourself from jobs and activities that are not rewarding.

The Fundamental Flow is a free resource for you to build your own automated online income by learning to step into flow and fuel profitable problem solving with passion. The possibilities are limitless and I’m more than excited to see what you can create. I am proposing that with your desire to succeed, and by using the proven principles of success, I can help you get into flow more often while building an income around a life of purpose & passion.

It’s Simple. Not Easy. Success is Assured. Not Guaranteed.

Formula 42 is a What – To – Do & How – To – Do – It.

The goal is getting in flow:

FLOW /Flō/

1. the action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream
2. the mental state of operation in which you are performing an activity fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.


Do The Work

With The Right Attitude

Without The Ego

Getting started can be the hardest part of the puzzle because you’re fighting and redirecting inertia and momentum. You have to start with what you know and go, before you feel ready, & just take action.

We have to understand what we are currently doing.
We have to learn what’s truly possible for us to do with purpose.
We have to understand how to move toward those possibilities with intent.
You MUST Learn, Implement, & Teach simultaneously to pursue mastery of your skill.
Never mistake exposure for experience, experience for mastery, nor mastery as the end.

Let’s reach for:

• Inspiration
• Obstacles to overcome that unleash creativity & understanding
• Immortality through impact
• Building rituals/systems that bring success
• Knowing what to do to get back up when you get down
• Sincerity over seriousness

Follow the 4 CORE RWLS (Read Write Listen Share) for success in anything you do.

Use The Fundamental Flow to free yourself from jobs and activities that are not rewarding.

Join Team Change & Challenge to enter a community that won’t allow anything from you but success.

There’s always help available, feel free to click on Gandalf to Ask Me Anything; I’ll help you any way I can.




Once you know there are things you’ve yet to find in life, and you decide that you want to seek them, you’ll have to know in which direction to move. In all paths though, there may be found flow.

I was nothing but a pot-head pizza-boy on probation in Texas, busted for a gram of weed, when I stumbled across the secrets that would change my life. What I learned at some of my lowest points in life allowed me to find the success I had struggled for; my breakthrough came in 2013 when I got around of a group of mentors that would accept nothing but my best efforts, and through their influence and educational examples I learned what it takes to build a profitable presence online. My first experiment, my first website, generated $3,000 in just 30 days, letting me know that the information you will find here works. Once you understand these principles, you could lose everything and still rebuild your income stream the next day so long as you have internet access.

We're going to FUND the MENTAL FLOW by deciding to learn how to share the solutions to problems with others who will benefit from those solutions. By deciding to help others get what they desire, you will find fulfillment of your own. Anything is within reach if you will only give to get it.

With The Fundamental Flow you’ll learn to generate Content (through creativity), Interest (through interaction), and Buyers (through benefit).

Spend 7 DAYS with The Fundamental Flow to see if you get positive intentional changes.

If you do, give it 30 DAYS & learn to build new habits while removing old unhelpful habits & false information.

By then, you're halfway to your first tipping point, so give it 60 Days & reinforce the positive & beneficial habits so much they'll soon be happening effortlessly & without conscious thought.

If you give it 90 DAYS, if you put in three dedicated, focused, & ruthlessly persistent months of vision & action, I believe you can accomplish more than you think is possible.

Give it 180 days using the principles of success & following your vision through purpose & passion, your life itself will turn 180 degrees, becoming nearly unrecognizable to your former self. Give it 180 & I guarantee a total turnaround. Get it?


To get what you want you must destroy bad habits and build new ones that support the actions necessary to reach your goal. It’s going to be an uphill battle for some time, with many opportunities for distractions, relapse into old unhelpful habits, & fights against gravity; just remember to hold fast to your vision and persist. You will reach a life changing tipping point at which you will find yourself speeding toward your desires at an incredible and nearly effortless pace.

Take 7 DAYS to Learn, 30 DAYS to Implement, 60 DAYS to Teach, 90 DAYS to find your Why, & 180 DAYS to recognize the true source of your success.

Let’s get, & keep, to the point. I hate having my time wasted, so I won’t waste yours. My intent is to expose you to the same information & influences that have contributed to & created success in my life. Oh, and I cut out all of the bullshit. Most of what I had to go through was learning what doesn’t work. Here’s what’s left. Here’s what works. And here’s what to do.

WHAT We're Going To Do:

Learn how to build a web presence to monetize passions and interests. Learn to manage and spread your freedom from time and money.

HOW We're Going To Do It:

Using proven and simple-to-use automated systems & sales funnels.

WHY We're Going To Do It:

So you don't die screaming. To at least move toward finding your purpose.

Read this only if you want to take action toward your goal.

Can you do it? Yes.
Can you excel? Yes.
Can you follow a path? Yes.

Here is the path. Follow it to your goal’s end.
Find where your passion & interests intersect with what other people care about. What problem can you provide a solution to?
Get clear on your desired outcome. Why are you here? What do you intend to get from your time here? What goal will this help you reach?

Thanks for buying. I mean it. Even if you didn’t spend anything, thanks for paying attention.

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are questionable at best. Others are short lived. Some have minuscule rewards. Others cost big chunks of change to get involved with. Some don’t work at all, and some are just plain bullshit or all hype!

This guide focuses on what works, what will continue to work, and what is certainly the simplest and most straightforward way for you to implement what you learn and start seeing results from taking action right away.




Most of my moments without gratitude are filled with pain. With gratitude I found the possibility of change without the usual crippling doubt. Deciding where to direct and hone your focus is necessary to reach a destination; when you decide to focus on what you have & why you’re glad to have it, instead of directing attention to constant thoughts of desire and want for things already lost or never to be gained, you will find that gratitude gives you immeasurable power to move in the direction of what will truly grow your self and soul in the short time of life you have.

When I learned how to harness gratitude to get what’s desired from life, my mantra of gratitude started simply: I am awake. I am alive. I get to choose.

I chose those three things to focus on as undeniable truths about my life so long as I was awake and not dreaming, breathing and not dying. No matter what’s going on in the world around me or even inside my own mind as it tries to create turmoil, I can stop and ask myself, “Am I awake, am I alive, do I have choice?”; when the answer always comes back yes, I know I still have a foundation of things to be grateful for on top of which I can easily start adding many more thoughts, memories, ideas, and inspirations that fill me with gratitude. Even if I’m barely awake, I’m not dreaming. Even if I’m barely breathing, I’m still alive. And even if I don’t like the options I’m forced to decide between, I always have a choice that’s mine alone. After that, just keep going, there’s always more to express gratitude for, and it’s one of the best meditations I’ve found to simply sit and think of all you have, even if those resources exist within your mind alone and not in the world around you.

I am awake. I am alive. I get to choose. Spiral Out. Keep Going.


Plant your roots and your spine deeply within gratitude; gratitude is one of those things that’s more than alright to fake it ’til you make it. You may not now how to give it if you haven’t in a long time, so be prepared to practice and persist. Give gratitude and you’ll get it back from life in all directions. If you just let the seeds you wish to water preoccupy your time, you will find growth and progress. Worrying that the weeds might come will only slow your journey. Your appreciation for and reflection upon the unknown will give you purpose and joy in any mission you choose in life.

You have to use your imagination as you read.

Whatever challenge we face or goal we set, see yours at the top of a staircase; I would imagine that, if you could, you would leap in one bound from the bottom to the top of those steps in order to reach your desire as fast as possible. Even if we don’t see our own goals this way, it is not uncommon at all to look at the successes of others and imagine that it was accomplished in one great leap. We fail to understand the truth that every destination reached comes from taking steps, not by trying to jump over them all and accomplish a task that’s impossible to complete with our current resources in one great attempt doomed to fail because our expectations are based in fantasy. Every success and every goal is built on a foundation that takes time to create. Look and see the final goal at the top of the stairs, then look down to see what the very first step looks like and take it; then keep moving to the next step, and on and on, never fearing to look back up at your desired outcome without losing the understanding that you must continue to take steps to get to where you want to be. Understanding this will lead you far past those examples you looked toward whose successes once before mystified you and seemed to have come from one magical instant; now you see the persistent daily actions you need to take to fight resistance and find flow in life. Building a strong foundation is essential to constructing anything that will last; it's a simple principle, but one that is always worth considering.

The goal here is to help you build an online, automated sales funnel that is replicable, efficient, and brings in money all on its own.

This won't happen overnight.

But with daily action and a commitment to your goal, you can use The Fundamental Flow and The Business Blueprint to generate a successful online income without searching all over for the information you need.

Everything here is designed to give you an advantage with the conviction that what has helped me will help you.

Buy what you believe in, Believe in what you buy, & Don't sell anything else.




The intent is simple. There’s a spectrum. A gradient. It’s not black & white.

Somewhere on that representation of the range of true possibility, there is a collision of state of mind, body, & atmosphere that combine into an enjoyable unison we call Flow. We’ve all experienced it in some way, to some degree, & we can call it the most powerful drug in the world; Flow is a hypnotic & arousing synergy between dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, & more, all synchronously acting to produce a state of consciousness through which we can experience and accomplish amazing things. My proposition is only to explore methods of existing in & as close to this state as often as we can. So that’s why. Now How.




Breathe in. Breathe out.
There is success. There is failure.
To try and find one without the other is to entirely miss the true meaning of each.
Along the way of trying anything, you will find obstacles; one of the most well known is procrastination:

There are some of you who will read this and do nothing.

Others still (and fewer) will read this and consider the idea of taking action, but never will.

Even fewer will actually take the actions necessary to realize success through failure, and even these will often fail to persist in their action.

The smallest number of all that read this will not only see clearly in their mind the vision necessary to start, but will also take the dedicated and persistent actions necessary to continue with life’s mission even when the success that was desired and achieved is gone and another failure stands before the next victory; these are the fewest in number, but are also those who will have the greatest impact on the world around them.

In facing the path of procrastination and stagnation I found one tool in particular that was unbelievably easy for the tremendous results it offered: Breathing. The Wim Hof Breathing Technique in particular proved to be life changing by bringing a threefold approach combining deep breathing, with focused thoughts, and cold therapy.

Adapted & Extracted from: INNER FIRE

The Wim Hof Method is simple and effective. The Method is under scientific scrutiny and initial results have shown that the method appears to affect the autonomic nervous system as well as the immune system. By making your mindset and your breathing more effective, you can learn to constantly explore your own physiology in greater detail.

The Method is characterized by three components that reinforce each other:


Inhaling oxygen is an unconscious process. The amount of oxygen we breathe in directly influences the amount of energy released in our cells. Breathing is the easiest and most instrumental part of the autonomic nervous system to control and navigate. The breathing technique is primarily focused on inhaling deeply and exhaling without any force. By not breathing out entirely, you reach a point where residual air remains in the lungs. After thirty times, exhale again without force but this time don’t immediately inhale again but until you sense your body needs new oxygen. After this the whole process starts again and you will start to feel sensations of tingling, light headedness, and relaxation. By learning to breathe actively, you gain control over physiological processes in the body. By practicing the technique you will directly influence the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the blood. Oxygen molecules delivered to cells are converted to CO2 and H20 within the mitochondria, the energy generators of cells.


Mindset is a powerful tool for thinking, doing, and achieving. A strong mindset is used in the method to realize inner strength and face the cold. Focus is very important. The Wim Hof Method has been demonstrated to influence the immune system by using concentration and breathing to control an unnecessary immune response (see the full INNER FIRE book for more info). It’s quite astounding that a simple method has the ability to influence your immune system, especially when the accepted medical opinion is that the immune system and autonomic nervous system cannot be influenced at will. The studies of participants using the method show a direct influence that led to lower levels of inflammatory markers and more stress hormones that are responsible for suppressing the immune response. The Wim Hof Method is not aimed at putting the body into a relaxed state, but rather into an active state. A strong mindset is used to direct the nervous system and withstand the cold.


The cold is an essential force for reaching the autonomic nervous system and the associated immune system. Adding cold exposure to the breathing leads to a marked decrease in inflammatory proteins due to increases in cortisol. Wim Hof has managed to show that through concentration and breathing, he can even raise his core body temperature at levels before thought impossible and where most would require treatment for hypothermia. Daily cold therapy increases the number of white blood cells as well as your metabolic rate.


A strong mindset is required to achieve the concentration and focus necessary to use the technique in even extreme conditions. The breathing technique is used to activate and strengthen the body. Exposure to cold increases the effects of the concentrated breathing and positively influences the immune system. The method is effective at generating more energy and allowing the body to remove wastes more effectively. The technique can also be used to release adrenaline, and the cold therapy trains the blood vessels of the body to increase your metabolic rate.

Breathe in deep 30 times, exhaling without force between each inhalation. After 30 inhalations, exhale again without force and wait until your body tells you that new oxygen is needed before breathing in again, and continue to another cycle of 30 breaths. Just 20 minutes each day of practice will transform you, add in cold showers when you’re ready.

& here's that note on procrastination:

FOCUS  [+]



"Clarity of vision creates clarity of priorities."

~ John C. Maxwell

Backing your actions with specific intentions will help move your unconscious mind in your favor instead of against you. A simple example is to imagine and focus on the color green. Look around and set your intention on seeing how many green things in your environment you can find. If there are none just see how many green things you can imagine. Once you’ve done that for a minute or two, how many green things can you remember and name? Probably quite a lot. Now how about red things? Probably a lot, lot, less. Where you decide to focus your attention and intentions shapes your available resources.

Pay attention to where your focus and intentions lead you. Learn to use them in your favor. Focus begins in knowing what to throw away rather than immediately trying to find precisely what to keep. We fall into habits of the familiar. Sometimes we mindlessly follow patterns and habits that result in pain, just because they’re they way we’ve always done things. Learning to break your comfort into pieces forces you to grow. When you learn to grow through discomfort you’ll make decisions that are far more fulfilling than continuing the perpetuation of poor habits and ideas.


When you find your intention, clarity is key. Understand what you want and why you want it; we all have to be honest enough with ourselves to accept and face the weaknesses and destructive habits that will always be obstacles in our way if left unaddressed. When you’re specific in what you intend to bring to life, you will find it a much simpler task to focus on your intentions and persist through the inevitable punches to the face life will throw at you. Don’t wait; decide now if you’re going to get back up when those punches come at unexpected times even though anticipated. That way when you do find yourself in the dirt, you can start with what you know even through your confusion and daze: get back up and keep going. To find clear vision that persists you will have to find what works for you. It will be an amalgam of some well known, and some secret, techniques. Create a daily ritual that reminds you of your purpose and resonates with your emotions to build passionate persistence.


Responsibility is a dirty word that most people don’t like. My view of the word changed when someone told me their definition of responsibility: reserving the ability to respond in the manner of your own choosing regardless of circumstance. What if instead of cringing at the idea of responsibility, you just decide to take ownership? If we can accept where we are as a result of the influence our thoughts and decisions have as they interact with our environment, we can use that to shape our path forward using positive and intentional changes. If you learn to understand how you got to where you are, you can change momentum and start moving towards where you want to be. You have to know what you want. If you don’t that’s ok, because now you know that what you want most is to find what you want more than anything: Your why. Your chosen meaning in the face of a purposeless void. It doesn’t have to be some lofty goal, just move to better yourself and learn to move toward your desired outcomes in life.


Once you can hold in mind your intention, you may begin to learn to bring that idea to life. Setting an intention for your actions each day will get the ball rolling. Your greatest battle is against procrastination. Your strongest ally is momentum, but only if you can transmute it from the inertia that holds you in your current position or direction. Never mistake exposure for experience, experience for mastery, or mastery for the end. First you must write your intention. If you don’t write it down, you’ve already failed. Don’t be afraid to fail; there’s truth when it’s said that the stepping stones to success are each failed attempts along the way. But always remember to learn from your experiences, as if all of life were a dream of your own concoction, with every subtle turn meant for autodidactic and whimsical enjoyment. Stagnation is all that’s really to be avoided. Eventually you realize that there is nothing you cannot do if you make a decision to set your mind to that intention. The question then turns to what intention do we move toward, and how do you hold on to it over time? If you accept change and challenge as a mantra, there is nothing that can stand in your way. Always amplify your results.

FEEL  [+]



When you make a decision to move toward a specific intention, you have to know what daily actions are going to result in the outcome you’re after. Weird stuff happens when you make a definite decision about what you’re going to accomplish each day. Success is something you grow toward, all while learning from failures and building on even small successes.


I’m going to suggest that you need to know your number, your daily production goal. Know what you want to earn each month. How much do you need to eat? Sleep? Stay warm, clean, and safe? How much to share with your loved ones and have everything you desire? How much? Now just take that and divide your monthly number into 30 days, and you’ll know exactly what your intentions should be each day to start moving toward your income goal. Start with what you know and go from there. Make your intentions crystal clear to yourself before anyone else. If you’re overwhelmed you’re overthinking. Income is more than money, it’s freedom, time, and adventure. Income represents your ability to allow things into your life rather than shielding yourself from them.


No matter how large the number you set, just ask yourself if someone has done it before. Chances are in the billions alive and even more dead that you’re not the first person, but if you are you may have just found your unique purpose and passion through giving the world something it’s never seen. A great way to break down your goals are into 30, 60, and 90 day timelines. 30 days of doing something is enough to see some effect, 60 days will reinforce the action almost to the point of unconscious habit, and after 90 days you will be unrecognizable to yourself and amazed at how the progress you have made in small steps will accumulate quietly into a mountain.



Sounds scary, but I’m going to suggest this is the easiest part of the process. You don’t have to cut a finger off, or do anything you hate. Just decide what in your life is going to be put aside as you start to move toward your clear desires. Things like tv, certain people or places, might become far less important priorities when you’re focused on taking actions that will bring your desires to life. If you will just decide to give something up, you will necessarily get something back. Make space.

The Transmutation Formula

The first step in bringing anything to life is to recognize the thought & the imagination that is its source. Next you must mix that intention, that thought, with an emotion. Emotions can be positive or negative, and I recommend trying several different ones as you begin to test this formula to see which works best for you. Finally you must add the emotion of faith to your intent, and if you simply persist in this practice it is guaranteed that you will receive a plan on which to act through your creative imagination. This plan may be crystal clear from the beginning, or in some cases in may come in fragments. Faith just means you have to keep showing up everyday, and the exact plan through which you will bring your thoughts to life will become clear to you. You don’t have to make it any more complicated than that.

Plan + Action + Failure + Persistence + Dedication = SUCCESS




"Through introspection and the examination of my mind, I feel as though I'm coming closer to what it means to be human. Unless we look inwards, we will never be able to clearly see outwards." -Marlon Brando


What is your: Purpose – Passion – Profit – Plan?

The long story short: Know your purpose, the passions behind it, what defines your personal profit, & what’s your plan to get there? I’m suggesting there are 4 things you should know about yourself. You should know these 4 things FOR yourself, meaning only that you will find them through your own experiences and experiments instead of unknowingly being given them, and guided through life, by the minds of others. When you are your own best friend as well as worst enemy, you will diminish the power of others over you. What defines your PURPOSE? This is your intent and desire, what you want to accomplish with your life. You’ll always find your purpose shaped by your PASSION. Your passions move you viscerally, emotionally, unconsciously, and are all of the things in life you do just for the enjoyment you get doing them. PROFIT just measures success. It means you’ve taken an asset and through time and effort made it more valuable than it first was. Your PLAN brings everything to life through organized thinking, sacrifice, and action in the face of all adversities. The plan should take into consideration your passion-fueled-purpose, and define what profit will mark each challenge as overcome.

Trust, but verify - Russian Proverb

Knowing yourself is important, and knowing FOR yourself is even more important. The Greek Suda says that "know thyself" is a warning to pay no attention to the opinion of the multitude. I too would encourage a personal search for exposure to new things, instead of always taking the world at its word. Guess for yourself what the mystery and the solution might be and experiment; test your hypothesis to find the truth. Keep belief and theory separate from knowledge and fact.

"If you know the way broadly, you will see it in everything." -Miyamoto Musashi

When you know yourself thoroughly you will begin to evaluate others more accurately while also understanding and forgiving their flaws. The things we hate to see in others are those traits which we fear most to find in ourselves. To truly know yourself, there will be a struggle with painful information and truths. Many people hold on to regrets and resentments that poison their mind with a constant background presence. If you allow yourself to fearlessly face the things in yourself you find distasteful, your awareness and decision to overcome will allow you to reach toward your goal without those weaknesses standing in your way. When you learn to understand your own struggles, you can see the same fight in others and offer them the solution that gave you freedom. Offering real solutions to problems will bring you endless income when you learn to find power through your past struggles and turn your messes into messages.

"'Know thyself' was written over the portal of the antique world. Over the portal of the new world, 'Be thyself' shall be written." -Oscar Wilde




Between where we are and where we want to be, there is a distinct difference in space and time that must be crossed.

Let’s call it a wall; a barrier between us and our desired outcomes and goals.

No matter what we try to do, it will always help to break the task into smaller pieces.
Smaller tasks that can be acted on now weigh far less on the mind than the idea of tackling the entire wall at once.

It turns out the entire wall doesn’t even have to be taken down to get through it; if we are just willing to get down on our hands and knees to get a little dusty and start moving bricks, just as the sweat begins to bead on our brow we will notice our focus falls to flow and our movements will become automatic as our muscles and mind respond to vision and desire. Then, just when we look up to see the work that remains, we find that there is already enough space to get past the wall plus a little extra room for a few brave others to fit through as well. Then it’s always on to the next challenge.

"Wherever you are is the entry point." -Kabir

Getting started is almost always the hardest thing we do. When we reach for a goal, getting started is strange because it comes from a place where we really don’t believe that what we’re going to try will work out the way we hope and imagine. The cool thing is we don’t have to believe it will work, but we do have to get started; we just do it with the decision that it doesn’t matter if it really works out or not.

We spend a lot of time preparing, getting ready, and just anticipating a change in momentum, all while forgetting that change happens in the instant we have a simple shift of perception. That shift is the death and birth of beliefs and presuppositions that shape the world we see through our unique lens.

When we compare ourselves to just a year, or even five years ago, we realize we’ve made a lot of small changes in that time, and likely a few big changes as well. Some of these changes happened completely without notice, while others you actively helped bring to life (or were at least aware of as they happened).

Intentional change takes focus; you simply must know what you want before anything else. If you don’t know what you want, give thanks for your simple task: to discover what you want.

Any purpose in life is exactly what we make of it; once we can hold in mind a specific intention or desired outcome, we can begin to learn how to bring that idea to life.
The first step is writing it down, and without this there is little hope for success. It’s ok to fail, but we always must remember to learn from life experiences. Stagnation is really all that’s to be avoided, and putting things down in writing to reflect upon later can make all the difference in measuring life’s progress. We always must start with what’s known, and just go. If all we ever find is that we don’t know much, then at least we know we are still being honest with ourselves, and that alone will move us forward along our path.

Making anything happen means we have to focus, persist, and know what actions to take each day to start to tip the scales in our favor. There’s really not much we need to do each day, but we will need to remind ourselves to focus on what does need to be done.

Gratitude comes first. If we can find no reason to give gratitude, the fault lies only in ourselves.
What intentions do we have for the day?
What purpose, backed by passion, is driving us toward growth today and away from stagnation?
How will we know when we reach our daily goal and what will be our reward?

Are we following the RWLS? Read. Write. Listen. Share. I’ve never found these found things to fail in building the foundation for a successful day. If we will just write our intention every day, we will be amazed again and again at the clarity with which we act in bringing our visions to life. Momentum will build over time, and even though most of what gets put on paper can and will be thrown away, we will always catch a few ideas worth keeping.





I could tell you hundreds of things not to do.

I could tell you about my failings & the lessons learned from each.

I could tell you to go figure it out for yourself, OR

I could just tell you the four simple things that I've found again & again

to be the foundation of success & creativity in life.

There's really no secret here(or anywhere), other than the fact that so many know what to do but fail to act & continue to suffer in stagnation.

If you're perfect, you don't need to bother.

If you know you're capable of great growth & expansion through experience & expression, then here's exactly what can move you & give you endless inspiration for any call you hear in life.


Read. Write. Listen. Share.

If there were just four things you can do everyday

to have more money, more free time that you enjoy,

& grow as a person, why wouldn't you just do it?


Something. Anything, short or long. Just read something every day.

Reading exposes your mind to ideas that stimulate the creative imagination & exercise different parts of your brain.

You're reading this; now keep going. Ideally find something that's going to help you grow, tap into your interests, & perhaps inspire new ones.
Fiction can be fun, & anything you read will inevitably improve your vocabulary, methods of expression, grammatical comprehension, & consequently your ability to communicate clearly with others.

I could tell you leaders are readers. I could challenge you to find anyone with success that didn't make a habit of reading to gain exposure to ideas and information.

It's clear to me that reading can change your life & helps you move in a positive direction, no matter what you are trying to achieve.


I'm not suggesting that you become a published author or great weaver of words.
What I will say is that when I began to journal, I found great pleasure in the ability to go back and reflect upon a captured emotional states of mind & the thoughts which came with as best as I had been able to express through written word on paper.

Sometimes I would find I had captured things perfectly.
Other times the feelings would rush back as I read & I would find that now I might choose slightly different words to express my ideas.

Always it was obvious how I had grown & changed since the words were put down.
It served as undeniable evidence of progress & movement toward success.

If you can't spare just ten minutes a day to write something down, anything at all, what are you doing with your life?

Write. Journal. Anything. Just MOVE.

Avoid stagnation and improve your appreciation for movement.
Gain immortality through a form of clear expression.
Never underestimate the potential for impact and influence.

Writing is a great storehouse of things you will most definitely forget otherwise.
Not all of your ideas and experiences are amazing, but if you make a habit of writing you're guaranteed to catch some worthwhile thoughts.
Writing is secretly a meditative practice & will help improve your cognitive function & ability to achieve your goals tremendously.


Using your auditory sense is nearly as powerful as reading. Ideas, vocabulary, & vivid emotions will be conveyed to you in ways beyond any other form of communication.
Listening to conversational sound has the ability to inspire your mind to think as though you are yourself are involved in the interaction. You'll find yourself agreeing & disagreeing with things stated, revealing your own beliefs & perceptive prejudices, & formulating responses, even if you never need to speak them aloud.

Audiobooks, speeches, lectures, podcasts, music.

Put something into your earholes that's going to move and inspire you.

Good audio plays across numerous neurons, & allows us to absorb information, successful behaviors, & positive beliefs when we surround ourselves with those who will inspire us to grow.
It's like being with the person you're listening to. It provides a starting point for ideas & illustrates the power of information and communication.

Audible language is some of the most easily absorbed & keeps enough of your senses free for creative involvement with the conversations that are happening.
I love listening to others talk about things I'm interested in. They will frequently expose me to something I've missed, or a perspective I hadn't considered, & hearing someone's voice imparts an emotional connection that's missed through text.


This one wasn't so easy to catch onto at first.
Then I noticed something about all of the people
I respect and have learned from:

I would never found their words and works if they
did not make a decision to share their passions &
interests with those around them.

I wonder how many secret journals have faded into time, unread & perhaps holding even just one line or verse that might have transformed, or even saved, a life had it fallen upon the right eyes or the into the eager ear of someone in wait of a flare or beacon from the next signpost where another journeyer kindles their own flame to let those near know, if nothing else, that there is a light through the fog.

I realized that all books, in some way, are an expression of immortality.
My question became: what's the best, most efficient way to share things?

The answer I found was blogging. Not only did it allow for a form of expression to be envied by any generation before us, it turned out that it's disturbingly easy to make an income online with just a simple website and blog. I'm a bit sick with how long I allowed myself to work for other people and hold jobs I dislike when it turned out to be so damn easy to make money blogging and sharing information online.

Sharing is the payoff. And it's usually the hardest part for people; at least in the beginning.

This is where you get to express your passions & interests with like minded people.
If done correctly, you can earn a living with what you love.

Communication is key. How is your message being received?
Learn to understand how to be understood, how to capture the imagination & how to grow through the discomfort of sharing it all with others.
Content Creators are the future. Communication skills are among the most valuable to possess, & a thorough understanding of language will transform your interactions with others.

7 DAYS [+]



Goal Setting and Phases of Motivation

Dunno about you guys, but when I took my last real job I set a goal to get out of there as fast as possible. I took the job with the intention of improving communication skills along with the purpose of keeping myself fed while I worked on side projects; both needs were met and I moved to new goals and purposes. Along the way of making that happen, I found myself moving through life in very different ways on different days; I noticed my motivation was almost never constant. Whenever it comes to making a change in life, a change to anything in life, there are phases of motivation that you will go through which either make the change possible or inhibit it. By understandng these phases and recognizing them when you are in one, you can make sure they are always available to be used to your advantage because you know what characterizes each of them and exactly how to move between them.

Everyone will move through these phases in their life, and in the PRE-CONTEMPLATION phase of change they will have no awareness of the true problem and no motivation to make a change to fix it. It is your job here to give them (or yourself) the gift of awareness through the use of stories and metaphors.

If successful, you will help them move quickly into the CONTEMPLATION phase where they have become aware of the true problem and start considering the steps necessary to resolve it, but they still have a lack of sufficient motivation even though awareness has increased.

During contemplation you must provide massive motivation to get them into the PREPARATION phase, where awareness and motivation are growing, only a how-to is missing, there is still no certainty of knowledge of the exact steps to take to fix the problem.

During preparation they will gain information, tools, and resources in order to move themselves into the ACTION phase where they actively move to solve the problem using their high level of awareness, massive motivation, and the skills that have been acquired.

The last phase someone can enter is the MAINTENANCE phase where awareness and motivation are actively kept alive and well. Not every can or will stay in the action or maintenance phases for long, and most people will constantly fluctuate between phases, often falling from action and maintenance back to contemplation and preparation. Providing people with helpful resources and telling them when and how to use them can help them remain in the Action/Maintenance phases as long as possible; at least until they reach another barrier where they are ready and preparing to make a change, but just don't yet know (or have forgotten) how.

WHY Do You Do This?

My goal was to complete a side project that would allow me to share something with others that brought massive success into my own life; a project which would share the exact information that I used to build a website that brought in $3,000 in my first 30 days online. It took a lot of time and effort but was well worth it, and I know that once you understand the phases of change, you can do it too. I worked on bringing that idea to life because I was massively motivated by the thought of being able to give people a shortcut that I had always wanted to find; just a simple resource that puts all of the information you need in one place. If you're just told WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and if you can figure out WHY you're going to do it, then YOU WILL DO IT. I've mentioned goal setting and motivation to get this conversation rolling. Why do we set goals or try to accomplish anything at all? Why are you doing anything that you do? Let's do a little exercise to see where your strongest motivations are.

Ask yourself, and really give yourself a thoughtful answer:
Why do you come to work everyday? What does that get you that you wouldn't have if you stopped showing up? Once you recognize what you truly gain from showing up, once you really see clearly what it is that motivates you to come in, ask yourself again:
Why is that resource important to you? What about that thing has a powerful enough hold in your life that it drives you to get up and go to work day after day? After you identify the words or feelings that describe why that resource is important to you, I want you to dig even deeper and ask yourself again:
Why is that feeling or accomplishment of obtaining that resource so important and valuable to your identity and lifestyle?

Once you start to identify what's really important, what your true source of motivation is, you can write that down and use it to your advantage, because you WILL forget unless you make an active decision to record and focus on that source of motivation. If you haven't found the true source of your motivation after you ask yourself WHY at least 3-5 times, you might be in need of some time for deep personal reflection to see where in your life the sources of motivation and discomfort are.

HOW Do You Do This?

Start with 7 Days to see if you can create positive, intentional change. If you can, give it 30 Days to see if you can start to build new habits to destroy old unhelpful patterns of behavior. If you make it, give yourself 60 Days to make that change lasting and impact your life the way you want. If you can stick around for 90 Days, you've managed to change your life's direction, and making it to 180 Days will be so easy you won't recognize when your life has turned completely around. Get it? A total turn around, 180 degrees, no looking back.

For your first 7 days, focus on getting crystal clear about what you want to accomplish, what your goal really is, and then figure out what the deepest motivation driving that goal will be that you can use to persist through the challenges you will face while trying to reach your new milestone. Take this time to get used to the adjustment that is a part of every change. Start keeping notes or a journal to log ideas and keep track of what's happening as you begin the journey. You'll be amazed in the years to come when you take the time to look back on what you wrote and see how far you've really come since you first started to start pursuing a goal.

Give yourself 30 days, and spend the next three weeks building on the successes you find in your first 7 days. If you will just make an attempt over 7 days to make a few small changes, you will find some things that work for you and others that don't. Keep what does and get rid of the rest, and your first 30 days will be unbelievably productive in the aim of moving toward your goal.

If you will give it 60 days to reinforce the habits you start building in the first 30, you will find it easier and easier to continue making changes by building on the successes you've created making small changes in small increments along the way. By the 60th day you'll have so much proof from your own experience that positive intentional change is possible that you'll find it nearly impossible to consider the idea that you may never reach your desired outcome.

When you are ready to go 90 days deep, you will not recognize the life you have or the person you've become as you look back to where you started on day one. In 90 days you will find yourself able to turn life in a completely new direction, a right angle from where you started. You'll notice that the positive habits you worked so hard to build early on have replaced the unhelpful habits you had when you got started; you'll even notice that 90 days in, you will feel that you have become master of change and that nothing can stand in your way. Here is where you move into maintenance and make sure you have the strength and discipline to make these positive changes last for life.

Once you've made the decision to persist and forever move towards your goals and desired outcomes as they change and evolve along with your life, always know that 180 days of dedicated, persistence, and focused action will result in your life making a total turn-around. You truly won't recognize yourself when you look back to where you started from where you have found yourself now. This is a place of massive power that will not only allow you to continue to make positive intentional changes in your own life, but will show you how to bring out the same changes in others by sharing with them what has worked for you.

What Do You Do Now?

Start by understanding the phases of change and motivation and use these tools to find your WHY, your deepest motivation and drive for successful change. With your why you'll quickly find the how will reveal itself as your massive level of motivation drives you to take daily action towards achieving your goal. Using the Business Blueprint will make each of the steps along the way much easier by giving you everything you need to know all in one place. Keep coming back and you will master the material you find.

Use your first 7 days to focus on making small changes to see how they affect your results. Keep what works and toss the rest. Focus on progress over perfection and just decide you will keep going no matter what stands between you and your desired outcome.

- Build/Adopt Your First Website

- Create Your First Content

Make use of the MMOIS MMOIS to start understanding how others leverage the internet by creating content to generate income online, and take advantage of BUSNBLUEPRINT  The Business Blueprint for help setting up your own profitable site fast.

With your first 30 days, start building your thirst for knowledge and information, and START IMPLEMENTING what you learn if you want to actually start seeing results. If you're not spending this time learning how to build a basic (or use a pre-built) website online, you're just setting yourself back from getting the outcome you're after: a simple website that can generate an income online independent from the time you actually spend building it. In other words, build something with value, and watch the money come in on autopilot once you have it built.

- Improve Your Content; Learn To Make It Captivating & Compelling

- Enter the Art of Traffic; START To Learn How To Get TARGETED Visitors To Your Content

By the time you're 60 days in, you'll start to master the art of change and motivation. You'll have a functional website that's made AT LEAST one sale, and with that success you can build on what you know to find yourself achieving greater and greater results.

- Analyze & Amplify; Take What Works, Make It Better, & Toss Out The Rest

- Make & Market It; Become A Master At Creating Content & Driving Targeted Traffic

Stick around for the full 90 days; you'll start mastering the art of transformation by continuing to make use of what you've implemented and by sharing those acquired skills with others who want the same success that you've found. By sharing what's worked for you and making it work for others, you can create an online presence that reaches your ideal audience and gives them the help they've been after. Giving this much value to your audience will allow you to reach your own goals by collecting an automated income in exchange for the valuable information/products/services your site provides to your customers.

- Keep Doing What Works; Learn To Analyze Your Results In Detail & Find Patterns

- Realign Your Goals; Review & Revitalize Your Work By Redefining Your WHY

With 180 days of taking action, you should easily be able to double the income you reached at the 90 day mark; building your website, and continuing to take the daily actions required for reaching your desired outcome will result

- Review & Relax; Celebrate Your Success, Look Back, & Take Time Off To Set New Goals



Try filling out a sheet of paper each day with answers to the questions below to keep yourself moving forward while you come up with the perfect daily ritual for yourself. ~ Where will you place your gratitude today? ~ What intention do you have for your day, and what passion-backed purpose does that intent support? ~ What will mark your day as a success, and how will you celebrate that temporary victory against procrastination? ~ Are you following the RWLS of success? What have you read, written, listened to, and shared?

How To Bring Your Thoughts To Life

1. Fix and concentrate in your mind the definite desire you wish to bring to life.
2. Determine exactly what you will sacrifice and give in exchange for receiving what you desire.
3. Establish a precise date by which you will accomplish your goal.
4. Create a definite plan and begin at once, before you are ready, to TAKE ACTION.
5. Write a clear statement describing your intent, what you will sacrifice, when you will accomplish this outcome, and what your plan is.
6. Read twice daily mixing your intent with emotion.

30 DAYS [+]



With your first 30 days, start building your thirst for knowledge and information, and START IMPLEMENTING what you learn if you want to actually start seeing results. If you're not spending this time learning how to build a basic (or use a pre-built) website online, you're just setting yourself back from getting the outcome you're after: a simple website that can generate an income online independent from the time you actually spend building it. In other words, build something with value, and watch the money come in on autopilot once you have it built.

- Improve Your Content; Learn To Make It Captivating & Compelling

- Enter the Art of Traffic; START To Learn How To Get TARGETED Visitors To Your Content

Make use of the MMOIS to start understanding how others leverage the internet to generate income online, and take advantage of BUSNBLUEPRINT  The Business Blueprint for help setting up your own profitable site fast.

60 DAYS [+]



By the time you're 60 days in, you'll start to master the art of change and motivation. You'll have a functional website that's made AT LEAST one sale, and with that success you can build on what you know to find yourself achieving greater and greater results.

- Analyze & Amplify; Take What Works, Make It Better, & Toss Out The Rest

- Make & Market It; Become A Master At Creating Content & Driving Targeted Traffic

By now you're ready to Go All In with Team Change & Challenge, so go talk to Gandalf and get the One On One Coaching & Consultations that give you an objective voice to listen to that's going to help you move your business to the next level. If you've stuck around for 60 days, I know it's because you've found something that works, and I can help you amplify those results.

90 DAYS [+]



Stick around for the full 90 days; you'll start mastering the art of transformation by continuing to make use of what you've implemented and by sharing those acquired skills with others who want the same success that you've found. By sharing what's worked for you and making it work for others, you can create an online presence that reaches your ideal audience and gives them the help they've been after. Giving this much value to your audience will allow you to reach your own goals by collecting an automated income in exchange for the valuable information/products/services your site provides to your customers.

- Keep Doing What Works; Learn To Analyze Your Results In Detail & Find Patterns

- Realign Your Goals; Review & Revitalize Your Work By Redefining Your WHY

After 90 days of anything you'll need a bit of a breather, and some time to look back at the path you've taken and how far you've come in a relatively short time in life. After 90 days, carefully look back and analyze your actions and results to see what works and is worth keeping up, as well as identify the things you can remove from life to see even more improvements. After 90 days you're more than ready to start teaching others what you've learned by sharing the stories of your success and the struggles along the way. If you haven't yet, talk to Gandalf and send me an AMA to ask about the real secrets behind this website and what started it all back in 2011. If you just take the time to ask, I'll let you in on my strategies and give you a link to the breakdown of all the secrets that went into building this website.

180 DAYS [+]



With 180 days of taking action, you should easily be able to double the income you reached at the 90 day mark; building your website, and continuing to take the daily actions required for reaching your desired outcome, will result in successes that you can build upon and use to amplify your results.

- Review & Relax; Celebrate Your Success, Look Back, & Take Time Off To Set New Goals

After a half year of effort, you deserve a little time to relax and figure out where you're headed next. Or if you still have something you've been desiring to achieved but have failed to accomplish, this is where you demand of yourself deep introspection to discover what's been stopping you and decide that you will not take one step further until you face that fear and move past it. After six months of dedicated effort, I can guarantee that you can look back and see the improvements you've made, even if they haven't yet resulted in your desired outcomes. Use the mantra - Progress Over Perfection - to fuel your continued fight for getting what you want from life. Chances are if you haven't gotten what you want yet, you're just not being clear with yourself about what you really do want.

42 DAYS [+]



When I started to make this site, asking people to clearly identify what they want from life, I had to stop and ask myself the same thing. I asked myself what I would really do with just 42 days left to live. Turns out filling up the entire list was harder than I imagined, and I challenge you to do the same. I shared my list here in the hopes that it might inspire. (if there's a day's activity kept secret you want to know about, talk to Gandalf and send me an AMA)

1 Float Tank Session
2 Get a Massage
3 Hike/Camp/Backpack through mountains
4 Ride Biycle
5 Play Guitar
6 Drive at night with the music loud
7 Fly through the air (plane, hang-glider, jet-pack, whatever)
8 Paint something with ink made from flowers
9 Meditate
10 Read
11 Write
12 Listen
13 Share
14 Stretch
15 Grow
16 Teach
17 Experience Shrooms
18 Experience DMT
19 Experience Mescaline
20 Experience Ayuhausca
21 Experience Ibogaine
22 Experience Peyote
23 Live in Hawaii
24 Play with & juggle my balls(baoding)
25 Play drums
26 Try stand up comedy
27 Build The420Formula
28 This one is hidden

Make TheFundamentalFlow a solid, timeless, beautiful website, and allow Team Change & Challenge to dissolve into thought leaders that represent a collective effort towards the best possible decisions on the foundation of understanding the value of the unknown and the unforeseeable.

29 This one is hidden.

Make ThirdEyeMastermind a mystical resource of inspiration and movement toward understanding, growth, love, wisdom, and strength.

30 Go Swimming
31 Hunt for food
32 Learn a martial art & fight
33 Experience a Sauna
34 iFly indoor skydiving
35 Make my own Kind Bars
36 Teach people to spiral out and keep going
37 Teach people to make more money than they thought possible
38 Experience Vive, Oculus, and VR tools
39 Learn & Contribute to sustainable housing & living practices
40 Earn $50,000,000